Short-Term Disability

The City of Portsmouth offers short-term disability insurance through Aflac. Your paycheck helps you maintain your current way of life. In America 1 in 3 employees today will be without income as a result of injury and sickness. That is where Aflac's short term disability insurance policy can help make the difference. It is a source of monthly income you may need to help take care of your bills while you take care of yourself.

Why Short-Term Disability Is the Best Choice

Learn why Aflac Short-Term Disability may be the best choice for you:

  • Access your policy documents online
  • Download claim forms and check you claim status
  • You choose the coverage amount that is right for you based on your financial needs and income. Please note: you                   cannot exceed your Annual Income when selecting coverage, however you may select a lower amount


Disability insurance plays an important role in your financial planning. Aflac does not coordinate benefits. Regardless of any other disability insurance you may have, including Social Security, Aflac will pay you directly.