Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

The City of Portsmouth provider for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) is Flexible Benefit Administrators (FBA), with 24/7 secure employee online account access and learning tools. Flexible Benefit Administrators makes it is easier for employees to access great customer service and use their benefits. Enroll in a Flexible Spending Account and start saving money on eligible healthcare and/or dependent care expenses. Both plans are deducted on a pre-tax basis from your paycheck.

Health Care Plan

The Health Care plan covers qualified out of pocket health care expenses. A healthcare FSA allows you to pay many healthcare expenses in a tax advantaged method. This can be used to pay for eligible expenses for you, your spouse and/or your tax dependents. You also may be reimbursed for medical, dental, or vision care expenses that are not covered under your insurance plan, such as:

  • Coinsurance
  • Co-payments
  • Deductibles

Health Care Reimbursement

Health care reimbursement covers qualified out-of-pocket health care expenses:

  • $3,050 maximum annual contribution
  • You will receive a debit card to use for these qualified expenses

Dependent Care Plan

You can use the FSA to pay for eligible out-of-pocket dependent care expenses for:

  • Before and after school care
  • Child and adult day care
  • Preschool
  • Summer day camps

Dependent Care Reimbursement

Dependent care reimbursement covers day care and elder care expenses:

  • $5,000 maximum annual contribution
  • Claims cannot exceed plan-to-date deductions

More Information

For information on FSA, please view: